Who Decides If a Resort Is Luxurious or Not?

There are no set criteria for “luxury resorts,” and four-star and five-star resorts generally describe themselves as”luxury.” The luxury resort “must” list below for authentic luxury resorts. See if you agree with me about what travellers have every right to expect from a luxury resort. This should apply whether you book directly with the hotel, or another way.  Below are four things to look for when building a list of preferred luxury accommodation options.  Another option is to search for your holiday destination and packages available such as Hobart hotel packages.

1. Quick, Easy, Discreet Checkin & Checkout
Who wants to Wait in line to check-in or out?
Nothing is more frustrating than waiting on a long check-in line when you have spent the day just getting to the resort. Many resorts have taken a cue from the Apple Store and didn’t have any reception lines, but roving employees who do everything on iPads. As soon as you’ve checked in, your bag should take no longer than 10 minutes to arrive in your area.

On checkout day, a luxury hotel should provide express or video checkout and immediately settle any discrepancies in your invoice.

2. Outstanding Resort Dining
Luxury Hotels Offer Guests at Least One Good Place to Eat
A small boutique hotel should provide its guests with a place to eat and, ideally, another place to drink. The restaurant and bar ought to be attractive, with great food. Room service must be provided. In urban legends, it needs to be accessible 24 hours.

Hotels should do breakfast or not do it whatsoever. These breakfasts are often excellent buffets. But American hotels that provide a complimentary breakfast also often supply only packed cereals, cottony bagels, and such. Not a fantastic way to start the day.

3. Hotel Features
A luxury hotel should provide its guests with those solutions (and not just guests that have updated to club-floor standing ):
A 24-hour gym with at least a range of basic equipment: a Stairmaster, a treadmill, a stationary bicycle, free weights, and floor mats.
A pool, if at all possible given the hotel’s area; a societal lobby area from the entry, with sofas, wifi, and bar service, laundry service, babysitting, pet-sitting, dog-walking, and personal trainer referrals; round-the-clock room service; a concierge who understands more than you can get from Google, and that doesn’t drive tourist traps onto guests.

A private resort butler is helpful also. How sweet it’s not to need to do travel’s most tedious tasks yourself, such as packaging and unpacking. Butlers do this and more, and you will never leave behind a sock or scarf.

4. Authentic Luxury Hotel Bathrooms Go Beyond
Luxurious hotel bathrooms have become an area of pride and scrutiny, similar to upscale home baths. When searching for luxury accommodation in Tasmania or your holiday destination, look for:

A venting source, even a fan; his-and-hers sinks; a partitioned, personal john; adequate counter space for your stuff; suitable sockets;
Unstained, unchipped counters, whether tile or marble; a bathtub built for two, rather than too high to step into; excellent water pressure in the shower; artisan or prestige toiletries that odour neither overly flowery nor manly, and that, for now, aren’t made in China; bath gel in addition to bar soap (two bars: one for the sink, one for the shower); shower cap, Q-tips, and a mending kit; robes and slippers; lots of fluffy, high quality terry towels; makeup mirror that lights; sufficient hooks or stands for drying hands laundries (so simple to supply, yet so rare). In Europe and several other areas, you should expect that a bidet, and in Asian luxury resorts, a TOTO toilet.

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