Indulgences to enjoy in isolation

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Living in isolation can be hard, especially if you live alone. Without knowing how long we are going to continue to be in lockdown restrictions, adding little indulgences and activities to your day will help keep your sanity and boost your mood. Even updating your wardrobe with some luxury loungewear can make you feel good and ready for your next zoom meeting! 

Here are some of our other suggestions:

Order Restaurant Meals

In some places, restaurants have all closed down, but if you are lucky, some are doing delivery orders. This means you can still enjoy not having to cook, as well as enjoying that parma or roast lamb restaurant meal you typically go out for once a week. Most conditions are that the meal will be left at your front door, so it remains a no contact delivery.

Upgrade your phone or get better internet

When you are stuck at home, there is nothing better than having reliable internet when your best option is to watch Netflix all day. If you are out of work and are in isolation, there is only so much organizing and house cleaning you can do! Having reliable internet connection not only means you can watch movies uninterrupted, but it also means you can keep in touch with family and friends via Skype or Zoom. Reliable internet is of course essential if you are working from home. If you are working via tethering from your phone, then you might need to upgrade your phone, so it is more fast and efficient.

Learn a new skill

When you are stuck at home, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you can use the time wisely and either learn or improve your skills. You could earn a new cooking skill, improve your English, learn to code or learn skills for a new hobby. There are many online courses to choose from, whether you want to study a small course, or go ahead and actually start a significant course with a new qualification. 

Support local art and music

Time to spend some hard-earned cash on art, culture, and music. Get a subscription to Spotify or Apple Music. Order some vinyl records from your local store or even support a local artist and buy some prints. If you have friends or family that are hosting live streaming music shows or art talks, you could help by making some t-shirts or advertise on social media and try to spread the word. Send them a donation, buy a gift certificate to help them out in this pandemic.

Pamper Yourself

Now that is one we all like the sound of. Pampering yourself can help you cope with the stress of isolation. If you cannot get to the salon to get your nails done, order the products online, and watch some youtube tutorials to help guide you along the way. Order some online hair dyes and try some new looks. Even just getting a new fancy toothbrush can make you feel like you just left the dentist’s chair.  Invest in some silk pajamas and new bedlinen and improve your sleep regime. Grab some candles and some essential oils and run yourself a relaxing bath. Have the water quite warm so you can relax and let your body unwind. Just because you cannot get to the spa or the salon doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Recreate your own experience, and you might be surprised how well you enjoy it.

Even though at this time, everyone is careful with their money, it doesn’t mean we have to miss out on things. You can still have affordable indulgences by using your money smartly. 

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