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babel fish earbuds

Image Courtesy of Google

In the actual world, Google has come up with an interim solution: a $159 set of earbuds, known as Pixel Buds. This work using its Pixel smartphones and Google Translate program to create a practically real-time translation.

One person wears the earbuds, while another holds a telephone. The earbud wearer speaks in their speech –English is the default–and the program translates the talking and performs it on the phone. The individual holding the phone reacts; this response is interpreted and played via the earbuds.

Google Translate already has a dialogue attribute, and its iOS and Android programs let two users talk as it automatically figures out what languages they are using and then contrasts them. But background noise can make it difficult for the program to comprehend what folks are saying, and to find out when one individual has stopped speaking and it is time to begin translating.

Pixel Buds get around these issues because the wearer pops and holds a finger on the ideal earbud while talking. Splitting the interaction between the telephone and the earbuds gives each control of a mike and aids the speaker keep eye contact since they are not trying to pass a phone back and forth.

They do seem silly, and they can not fit well on your ears. They can also be tough to set up with a telephone.

Clunky hardware can be repaired, though. Pixel Buds reveal the promise of mutually intelligible communication between languages in near real time. And no fish needed.

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