Air compressor distributors in Australia

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When you are out looking for an air compressor, you want something that will do the job properly and last for a long time.

Here are the best air compressor distributors within Australia:


CAPS are an industrial air compressor distributor who offers the most comprehensive range and efficient power generation solutions within Australia. Nine branches are found nationwide. The CAPS company is regarded as a leading manufacturer with products that are built for the harsh Australian conditions. The products come with a 24/7 service guarantee.

The team sell and deliver spare parts, service support and smart productivity to their customers across Australia and internationally. The Caps company stocks wide varieties of parts for air compressors from the leading brands like Airman, Ingersoll Rand, Kohler. CAPS own in-house engineering teams and project management that can offer you innovative solutions to help meet your power and air needs. CAPS is regarded throughout the air compressor industry for their ability to modify, their large manufacturing facility, their custom designs and creating solutions to suit your requirements.


Mcmillian continues their long history of constructing air compressors and spare parts in their Melbourne factory, Australia. In 1954 three brothers started with a factory in Huntingdale. The first compressors were manufactured for jetting and de-ticking sheep. With a vast expansion in the ’60s, Bruce Baker brought the company from the McMillan’s. With the new management, the business then expanded. Now with the expansion came the need for air compressors with a larger capacity and a more significant extensive range of pumps apart from the three models that were manufactured by the McMillan team. In 1973 the Fu Sheng air compressors were brought into the business and are still being brought today.

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The first compressors manufactured were for farmers to de-tick and jetting of the sheep Due to development, in the early 60s construction was moved to a bigger site on Warrigal Rd Moorabbin. In 1971 Mr Baker bought the air compressor business from the McMillans. Under this new management, the business grew quickly. With this development, the company needed bigger powered air compressor pumps and a more extensive range of pumps than the three original models manufactured by McMillan, so in 1973 the company added the Fu Sheng air compressor pumps, which continues to this day.


Southern Cross Air Compressors

The southern cross-company service, sell and support a massive range of industrial air compressors that include the single and two stages Rotary Screw Air Compressors, scroll air and the compact rotary screw air compressors. These types will suit every application and industry from the engineered, customised and even the basic, standard solutions. These products are made to perform and last for a long time due to their global energy-saving technology.

Australia is a unique marketplace, environment and people. When buying air compressor equipment from Australian companies means you are proud to be Australian and happy to support the small businesses and managing the Australian operations of big corporations. You will need solutions that are adjusted for hard work and productivity within Australia.

When it comes to buying your next air compressor get in touch with the companies that are reliable and provide you with quality service and products. Even if you are after a spare part, go with one of the companies above and experience the difference.


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